Nude Schooling By Guido Nigro and his Novel – “Raped by Clothes: The Nudophobic Society”

Guido Nigro’s Nude Education and his novel Raped By Garments:
Unclothed Education – Recent talks about nude instruction begins to disperse through the continent of Australia at the Cambridge Conference Center, on air at the WHRB 95.3 FM radio station and has even found its way into communications with The University of Australia, which all started with a single book called Raped by Clothing: A Nudophobic Society.
The writer Guido Nigro wrote this novel with the theory that everyone on the planet, who is offended by nudity, has a mental ailment called “nudophobia”. He compares this thought to the reaction people have against in clinical instances called “arachnophobia”.
“You see once we got a disease like that, we need to adjust to shift the world.those who attack are nudophobic” Guido says.
Unclothed Eductaion By Guido Nigro
He hopes to expand these littles of instruction into classes at school all throughout the world starting with Australia.
Guido considers the reactions individuals will perceive towards bare education will be both confusing and affronting at first just as they initially did back in the 70’s when sex teachers where criticized for bringing sex education into the school system prior to it becoming part of the program.
He considers that eventually unclothed approval will become more of the norm for some in art classes and other areas of outdoor recreation if we educate society to take a look at the human body as something other than the sexual picture which is what the media constantly practice into our heads through advertising schemes.
Raped by Clothing:
One student who attended Guido’s class approached him at the end of the session and confessed to Guido that he signed up for the class to sabotage it because he did initially did not agree with the topic; nonetheless, the analogies Guido used in his teachings ended up reversing his opinion on social nudity. Others were inspired to go out and try social nudity right then and there.
The book, Raped by Garments, is a fictional novel about nonsexual nudity that interprets the lifestyle of nudism through characters much like the lifestyle of Guido and his comrades. He was first introduced into nudism in Italy at the early age of 13 and is practicing social nudity going on 38 years now.
His fascination towards nudity started at the age of 12, when he found himself frequently creeping behind the school building after hours with the other lads to ogle cut out pornographic pictures of women. When he confronted his older brother relating to this new boyish fascination, it was then his brother told him. “No Guido that is certainly wrong! I will show you another way that one can keep away from pornography.” From there his brother took him to a bare beach to instruct him the facts of life.
“The first time that I visited a naturist beach, I CAn’t believe my eyes because there were girls, about my age, that I was seeing naked for the first time in my own life. After a while I realized that the sexual link in my head was totally gone.” says Guido.
Raped by Garments is A tragic story about a society that’s lost the ability to differentiate between pornography and art, between purity and perversion.
The publication begins to describe a closed minded society where the writer highlights the change that’s occurring through the world; the change where every type of diversion in schools comprising open enlightenment is closed down including astrological observatories, artists groups and perhaps even other spiritual practices such as prayer groups.
It is about a particular girl named Helina who is against porn even while raised by her mom with spirituality and an open mind. She has just one buddy named Jasmine who stumbles across an old deserted building, finding images which were prohibited at time, of naked paintings from times past. They meet a figure artist, Raymond, who’s a ghost from a world long gone. Later on they discover a classic videocassette made in 1980 that alters their world and whole outlook on simple nudity.
A copy of this publication, composed in the English language, can be bought through Amazon or Barnes and Nobles Bookstore. The publication is getting translated in the French language by particular request from a French publishing and is being rewritten in the Italian translation.
Raped by Clothing has been adapted into a radio play series which will be available to the average man or woman on WHRB 95.3 FM in the year 2012. Additionally, the author is in touch with the University of Australia to create a theatrical performance on the publication. He’s also been establishing connections with local ruling authorities in Perth to try to alter the legal definition of simple nudity.
“I strongly believe that nudophobia is a affliction which is used by society. Society introduced this in building clothes. In fact Raped By Clothing, the name many people find odd, nearly all individuals are raped by clothes because society inflicted clothing on us at an early age which brings a lot emotional difficulties later on in life.” ~ Guido Nigro
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FKK Nudismus und Naturismus von jungen Nudisten und Naturisten Amerika

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Jungen Nudisten – FKK Nudismus und Naturismus:
Jungen Nudisten – FKK ist die Philosophie, mit denen Menschen glauben an die Vorteile des Seins und Lebens nackt. In Wirklichkeit ist es der Glaube oder die Praxis gehen, ohne Kleidung in privaten und / oder Affentlichen. Es spiegelt oft eine Familie und / oder persAnlichen Lebensstil Wahl und kann auch als “FKK” bezeichnet werden. Im Laufe des letzten Jahrhunderts hat Nudismus in den Vereinigten Staaten zunehmend mehr akzeptabel. Zum Beispiel, im Jahr 1995 wurde die American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR) gegrA?ndet, welche umfasst quick 100 Kurorte und 150 Teams fA?r Nudisten zu genieAYen.
Warum FKK?
Jungen Nudisten und Naturisten FKK
WAhrend manche Menschen FKK sich aus Naturismus (A?berzeugungen rund umfassende Natur, Umwelt, gesunde ErnAhrung, kArperliche Fitness und Yoga zentriert um nur einige zu nennen) zu umarmen, A?ben andere diesen Lebensstil weg von persAnlichen, familiAren oder sozialen Faktoren. ZusAtzlich mit einer wachsenden Zahl von Menschen praktizieren FKK heute gibt es eine FA?lle von Annehmlichkeiten in Richtung SchwellenlAnder und A?ben Nudisten gerichtet, um FKK-StrAnde, FKK, “kleidung free” Ferienzentren und Radsport-Events beinhalten. In der Tat gibt es derzeit ein World Naked Gardening Day im Mai eines jeden Jahres statt, sowie ein World Naked Bike Ride und Bare Years Eve Parteien findet jAhrlich statt.
Wenn umfassenden FKK ist eine Einzelperson oder eine Gruppe wahrscheinlich sowohl positive als auch negative Reaktionen aus verschiedenen Gemeinden zu erleben. Eingriff in Nudismus in mehreren Affentlichen Arenen, wie FKK-StrAnde und Parks, generieren kAnnte einige Kritik aus geschlossenen Gleichgesinnten. NatA?rlich sollte man diese Faktoren bei der Entscheidung, wenn man bedenkt, wo und wie man seine nudistlebensstil umarmen.
Im Idealfall wA? erlaubt, in einer Welt frei von Vorurteilen, Urteil, gesellschaftlichen Erwartungen, EinschrAnkungen und persAnliche Unsicherheiten leben. Da dies nicht der Fall, sollten die Betroffenen versuchen, FKK umarmen Vorteil ihrer persAnlichen Eigenschaft oder bezeichnet nudie friendly Destinationen zu nehmen, ihre Praxis zu genieAYen. Diese Ziele gehAren sanktioniert FKK-StrAnde, Clubs, Events, Hotels und anderen europAischen LAndern, deren Praxis der FreikArperkultur ist leicht immer die “Standard” als die Spitze.
Wer praktiziert Nudismus
Nudisten sind Individuen, die befreien ihre Hemmungen genieAYen und eins mit der Natur. Ein Teil dieser Erfahrung umfasst TAtigkeiten in der nackt. Der FKK-Verhalten hat traditionell nichts mit Sex zu tun. Allerdings gibt es immer eine kleine Gruppe von Menschen, die Sex in der Erfahrung zu integrieren auszuwAhlen. Viele Familien genieAYen, nackt zusammen und Interaktion zusammen in einer nackten Umwelt. Es gibt mehrere Orte, die zu dieser befreiende Erfahrung gerecht zu werden. Jede dieser Erfahrungen werden in diesem FKK-Blog erkundet werden. Allerdings ist es wichtig, den Ursprung des FKK und Naturisten verstehen.
Personen aus allen Bereichen des Lebens wird auf FKK-StrAnde und FKK-Resorts. Personen sind auch auf allen Ebenen der Fitness. Menschen aller Typen, die wohl in ihrer Haut fA?hlen werden in diesen Resorts gefunden werden und liegen auf FKK-StrAnde. Living the FKK Lifestyle geht darum, selbstbewusst A? und ehrlich mit sich. Dies ist auch eine Lektion, dass nicht jeder ist perfekt. Dies ist jedoch nicht der Punkt des FKK-Lifestyle.
FKK der FKK Blog:
Das FKK-Site soll ein Bewusstsein von Nacktheit und die Praxis der Affentliche Nacktheit zu bauen. Viele Menschen glauben, dass die mehr Menschen zur Nacktheit ausgesetzt sind, desto mehr alltAglich wird es. Einzelpersonen werden weniger erregt und mehr in Umgebungen von Nacktheit gesteuert. Einige Enterprise zu glauben, dass im Laufe der Zeit Nacktheit zu weniger sexuellen Verbrechen fA?hren, wie es in Europa hat.
FKK ist eine Art zu leben, die von einer wachsenden Zahl der WeltbevAlkerung umarmt wird. Viele Orte und FKK-StrAnde in diesem FKK-Blog erkundet werden. Die meisten Resorts sind familienfreundlich und Bildschirm alle GAste in den Ferienorten gegen Megan-Gesetz. Die meisten Resorts nicht erlauben Kameras oder Videorekordern auf das GelAnde, wenn dabei eine Werbe-Shooting. Einige Personen einfach nur wohler fA?hlen in der nackt. Was auch immer der Fall ist, werden diese Umgebungen konzipiert, dass der Einzelne sich wohl fA?hlen.
In regelmAAYigen AbstAnden werden Artikel A?ber die FKK-Blog, um den Lebensstil und UrlaubsmAglichkeiten fA?r Nudisten zu erkunden geschrieben werden. Der FKK-Blog will freie Menschen ihrer Stigmatisierung und lAschen Sie die Ignoranz, mit Personen, die bequem zu FuAY zu ertasten nackte verbunden. Der Einzelne wird von ihren Vorurteilen und Hemmungen befreit werden, da sie diesen alternativen Lebensstil, dass viele finden absolut natA?rlich zu erkunden. Betrachten Sie unsere FKK-Website als eine FA?lle von Informationen auf Ihrem Weg zum VerstAndnis Naturismus.
Einige GrA?nde, warum Menschen der Praxis FKK:
Sie sind in einer entspannten und in Kontakt mit ihren “inneren Seele”, wenn sie nackt sind.
Sie fA?hlen sich “richtig”, wenn sie keine Kleider an haben, und nicht so ausgewogen, wenn gekleidet.
Sie fA?hlen sich weniger gehemmt in diesem Zustand, da die Klasse Barrieren fallen weg.
Als Fleisch und Knochen sind wir alle equal. Some Nudisten sagen will, dass ohne Kleidung lAst die realen ihnen, und dass die Kleidung wird diese zu unterdrA?cken.
Junge Naturisten & FKK Amerika FKK
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Guest blogs written just for Nudist Portal.

The Dilemmas of Nudism and Sexuality Openly Discussed:

Nudism and Sexuality appears to be a hot issue these days. We at Nudist Portal get a ton of of e-mails and questions every single day about that very topic.
This week we got one such email, from a young man, who needed to understand how do we distinguish naturism and sexuality?
His e-mail read as follows:
Do not get me wrong; I’m not attacking nudists, I desire to be one. I suppose my question is: When does it become overly sexualized? I think that’s what gets textile people’s cloths in a group. Where’s ?”
As an alternative to give a straight answer to those questions, Jordan Blum decided to break them down a bit in a dialogue with Paul Rapoport, the former, longtime editor of Going Natural.
What would you think of the questions?
They’re fundamental and important. Although most naturists may know the main response to their own satisfaction, I’d like to begin with a little context, as the questioner asks. Let’s contemplate the sex issue from a cultural viewpoint, and the issues it poses for naturists.

Going Natural Magazine
What is the result?
You know, You can’t show that!
But nudity is everywhere in the media, we are told.
In basic mass media, only coy variants of nudity: a censored, fictitious nudity, with no showing this or that always running, and an overwhelming emphasis on young women of a certain sort. All that should really annoy naturists.
But does it benefit naturism any?
Maybe, but it comes from an alternate place, the exploitation of the obsession with sex. That is aimed at the chief decision makers: middle-aged, middle-class, heterosexual guys.
Naturism’s real nudity of a number of actual people doing anything but hanging around in passive poses would wreck the game by making the victimization considerably more difficult.
What is the simplest means to attack that?
We’re able to attempt ! To most folks, if there is an picture of sex, it must involve nudity. So, if there is an image of nudity, it must call for sex. Is that reasonable?
Naturists understand the answer to that.
I had put this to non-naturists, then: If there’s an image of a guy, it must be a person. Hence, if there’s an image of a individual, it must be a man.
That illogicality is the same as the one including nudity. Sadly, logic is an enemy of forces of mass victimization.
Why don’t we just say that nudism is not sexual and leave it at that?
Because it’s complicated, and on a simple level I don’t think it’s accurate. If it were, there would be no quotas on single men at private naturist locations, no homosexual naturists as different groups, etc.
How can naturists deal with all that in practice, rather than theory?
The simplest manner to separate nudity from sexuality would be to keep to the practice of nonsexualized nudity. The -ed is important, making nonsexualized mean not overtly sexual. In other words, naturist activities don’t have any additional sexual component beyond what bodies normally have when clothed.
But even that is a tough sale. To non-naturists, eating, swimming, or playing volleyball without clothing is either silly or sexually provocative. They’ve bought into the erroneous two way automatic association between nudity and sexual expression.
Don’t naturists have an even more difficult time understanding? They’re generally critical of behaviour that would be satisfactory in a non nude occasion.
Naturism and Sexuality – What Exactly Is Overly Sexual For Nudists?
To fight the impression that they are sexual deviants or dangers, they try to behave less sexual than everyone else.
Part of that’s a realistic defense, particularly for women in the existence of men: when clothes come off, more boundaries are on. Interpersonal boundaries are reinforced. But it may certainly be overdone.
How may it be overdone?
That seems odd now. Distinct naturists may have distinct views on them.
Such as?
Some say that genital jewelry is a sexualized display, or that placing sunscreen on the usually banned body littles in the presence of others is too much. Some say that guys shouldn’t be permitted erections, or that girls should not sit with their legs apart.

Review of the awesome Bare Reality Show – VH1’s “Dating Naked”: Episode 1

Guest website by: Greg Evans
Bare Reality Show –
Until now I haven’t put much thought into this fresh series other than Yay! I used ton’t have any great expectations for the amusement value. Like most nudists, I was stressed that Dating Naked would be using nudity only to attract more audience. Would the show be using naked bodies with the notion that sex sells?
Reviewing VH1’s Dating Naked without that experience would be like a sports post written by a columnist who hadn’t ever played or viewed a sport in their life. Nevertheless, with the increasing popularity of naked themed shows, I believe it is time for us nudists and naturists to shine some light onto this fresh kind of nude reality.
For those that may not have viewed Dating Naked, it is actually not set up like its forerunners – the bachelor/ette show but of course, the premise is the same – a single man searching for love.
It’s important to mention that the final choice was made at the ending of the episode. To me that makes this series a lot more watchable. You really do not have to see every episode in a row to follow the narrative. This allows for some wiggle room if the singles turn out to be uninteresting or a turnoff to view. The viewer doesn’t need to write off the show because there will be a fresh set of folks in the next episode!
Along with a better setup, I was happily surprised by the dFKKmic that the nudity creates. Among the first words of the host (Amy Paffrath) were, will allow you to date in the most reliable manner feasible before you can bare your spirits, you’ll need to bare everything else first. Except for of guidelines to put by, choreographed performing was, for the most part, nowhere to be located. The cast is made up by regular people who are truly experiencing social nudity for the very first time.
I couldn’t help but wonder, would Dating Naked actually help viewers see a better means to date???
In episode one, the spotlight was placed on 24-year-old Joe from Long Island, NY and 36-year old Wee Wee from Nashville, TN.
Joe had a broken heart in his past and came expecting to discover a fresh means to trust. Wee Wee came fatigued by her long search for Mr.
Wee Wee and Joe after only assembly on the strand. Picture: VH1 Naked Reality Show
Right off the bat, Joe talks about a very common concern among men considering giving nudism a try: getting an erection. Such a non issue, surprisingly, scares some guys from ever trying nudism. Instantaneously Joe found there was nothing to worry about. The anxiety about getting aroused was an unfounded fear that never happened. The truth is, who cares if it does occur? In the nudist world, normally speaking, we understand we are human and arousal is a component that makes us human. In the feeling of social nudism, the consensus is that “if it happens it happens but DON’T be that man who makes it happen on purpose and DON’T parade it around with the aim to draw attention to it! In any case the truth is that it is actually not that common and rarely happens anyhow. But I digress and you can read more in this post about nudism and erections.
I think the biggest takeaway from this review should be that a great truth about social nudism stays hidden in this chain.
For us nudists, we observe it and reap the advantage of assembly without prejudice. Your social class does not matter when you’re nude it’s, in a sense, a great equalizer. You can be a attorney, trash collector, physician, soldier, construction worker or nurse. It simply will not matter and as a consequence, getting to know people for who they’re becomes much easier!
This fact was shown in the show by how quick the participants cut to the chase. Both Joe and Wee Wee started talking about their past and how it made them who they’re. When you’re naked, it becomes a lot simpler to wear your heart on your arm (since you do not have sleeves!) and putting yourself out there.
Another intriguing aspect is the comfort level folks have being naked. Every day the contestants meet a brand new person and must get nude before assembly. Every time they undress the shed a bit more of the shame that grew up with and feel only in their own skin. This is really as accurate to real life as you can get. Becoming nude for the very first time can be challenging but after that panic subsides, it becomes just as regular as anything else.
Based on the first episode I would rate the series as so far, so great. There’s a chance it could nurture a growing interest in nudism and help put tiny gusts of wind into the sails of our boat. I ‘d not yet say the series is for everyone. You’d not need individuals who don’t like reality shows seeing it just to see naked people (trust me you can see more in Sports Illustrated than on this show).
If the series flops, there could be a cross-organization with nudism including Naked Dating = bad and idiotic idea hence nudism must = poor/stupid notion. But time will tell and after seeing the first episode I’m a little less nervous and am really looking forward to the second.
My closing idea is WHO will care about nudism in this crazy fast-paced world after watching this show?
Well supposing it’s you: Hi, we are FKK, and we want to meet you!
This review of the fresh Nude Reality Show by VH1 – Dating Naked – was released by – Young Naturists and Nudists America

Youth Officer Hand Over

Changing of The Guards at Young British Naturists and Naturism:
BN Youth Policeman from 2008-2011 (this was initially posted on the Bare Times 1/7/2#2012012)
British Naturism – Leah Thomas, our Youth Officer for British Naturism (and leader of YBN) for the previous 3 years, has now stepped down from her official position, to enjoy a more laid back part in the world of YBN.
For the previous 3 years BN has had the honour of having Leah for a Youth Policeman’ just as YBN continues to be graced with family nudist galleries and keeper of the youth. Leah has dedicated her time helping create many more happy times, memories and events for hundreds of young naturists all around the united kingdom. During her job as Youth Officer Leah has guided us with her wisdom, led us with her strengths and got intoxicated with us all, – on many occasions
Young British Naturism
We can’t forget all the hard work, energy and enthusiasm that have been put in by Leah for the previous few years, or from Debbie & Joel before that, nor our very own YBN creator Ben Rose, all shaping and creating the youth group we call YBN today. It would also not have been possible for those taking that lead the group with no help and passion of many other people behind the scenes.
Young British Naturism
Being the Youth officer for British Nudism entails a considerable quantity of hard work and politics, not only organizing events and making sure we are safe and happy, but going to several BN meetings every year, answering thousands of E-Mails, networking with hundreds of influential and important people, dedicating almost all in their spare time to making sure YBN is what it’s now, so that we can all sit back and appreciate the advantages of having this kind of fantastic youth group.
Leah has dedicated these precious years of her life not to only us the members, but to the great cause for Naturism in general and to all young people nationwide, ensuring that the chances to-be socially unclothed in a safe and inviting surroundings are there for all.
Young British Naturists and Naturism
Hi from the new YBN Youth Policeman
“Hello, I am Daryl Jones the new YBN representative. As of the close of the AGM on 16Th Oct, I have been coopted by the BN executive council as the Youth Officer for British Naturism for the expected future (or until another person steps up to the challenge).
For those who do not understand or haven’t met me yet, I’m an avid member of YBN, with many ideas and great prospects for the youth group, and can’t wait to get stuck in!
About me
I believe I’ll make a superb candidate for the function of Youth Officer’ for this elective duration of 2 years, to represent BN and YBN for the following reasons:
I’m a somewhat organized, pretty well spoken and can be an adequate undressed person in the BN youth community, with the self-confidence and motivation to finish even a whole pack of sugar doughnuts without licking my lips
I ‘ve run my own business as a self employed kitchen-fitter for many years now, entailing all kinds of administrative jobs, not only co-coordinating my own time and financing, but many others around me. Revealing good time keeping, bookkeeping, organization and planning skills I feel I can coordinate my time more readily and give myself fully to YBN
London World Naked Bike Ride
Within the past 2 years of my time being part of YBN, I believe I’ve integrated nicely with the group in general – conquering everyone at twister and monopoly, and made a great impression at seen clubs well, the ones that can have us back anyhow.
Starting with an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting to rectify the damage already caused to long standing YBN members
Right, – now the official political items is out the way, let us talk YBN
What exactly is YBN (Young British Naturism)? And why can we desire it?
Young British Naturists – creating an environment for young naturists equally to have a place in our organization to call their own.
It truly is still a genuine challenge for young adolescents of today to feel part of any organization without creating special tasks or events that appeal to them, typically away from their parental control & supervision. This really is a vital reason why YBN was first created, as it is the safest and many enjoyable way to carry on enjoying hot young oops beach party through and past your teen years.
British Naturism Mag

fee and alive! It was just wonderful to be naked

outside in the fresh air and sun! It felt great… so
Cozy I subsequently ran into the ocean and swam. It
felt so fine to swim without an suit I adored that
Encounter and needed to do it again.
several more times. I also went to other nudist
Seashores; San Onfre, (45 minute north of blacks), and
More Mesa in Santa Barbra. San Onfre is nice, its
I went
to school in Santa Barbra and I found More
Mesa. This is a great strand! Verry private and
Hints for models desired for art class.
and posed naked for the art class. It was no big deal
for me and it was pleasure. It was neat to see how each
artist painted me in their own manner. My mother found
the test from the art school and asked me about it
in front of the family. I told her the truth, they
Weren’t offended or angry or anything so it was cool.
Since that time, I ‘ve been to
two nudist resorts in CA. I had a really pleasant time in
both resorts. The people there were very friendly and
It was really relaxing and
Enjoyment to spend the day nude swimming, eating, sunning,
meeting awesome folks etc. Most of the individuals were elderly
(30’s-60;s) but I enjoyed myself anyway. Its cool
though to see all the young people involved with
nudism in this group.
Today I go naked in my room
Virtually consistently. In addition , I go bare at the local fkk
Shore (Haulover). This is my favorite fkk beach.
Its very easy to get to, there are individuals of all
ages, and they sell beverages and hot dogs on the shore
weather. I adore going bare whenever possible, its
Quite comfy, feels great and life is more enjoyable in
the nude!
Allow me to start of by giving you a little info about
myself. I’m 26 years old and currently living in
Aventura, Florida. I ‘ve been going nude since I was
17 or so. Besides nudism I also enjoy playing pool,
listening to all kinds of music (except state and
gangsta rap), working with computers, and talking
about automobiles. Now I Will get into how I got started as a
Inquisitive about how it felt like to be naked in my
We ran about
a mile or so from a nude beach (Blacks). People joked
about running there, but no one really did.
Close there and decide to run to the nude beach. I
made it there and viewed the nude folks. At this point
I was inquisitive as to what it was like to be nude on
the shore, why these folks did it. I ran to a variety
of isolated part of the strand (just several folks
around me and weren’t that close.) I took off my
shoes, socks, and t shirt.
I afterward was relaxed and comfy enough to say to
my self I’d like to get nude and see what it feels
So off came my short pants and
underwear! I sat there nude for a min. or two then
stood up. ‘ll never forget that moment. What I felt
I can only describe as the most magnificent awareness of
freedom I have ever felt in my whole life! I felt so
fee and alive! It was simply awesome to be naked
outside in the fresh air and sun! It felt fantastic… so
Comfy I then ran into the ocean and swam. It
felt so fine to swim without an suit I adored that
experience and needed to do it again.
After that I went back to blacks
several more times. Additionally , I went to other nudist
Shores; San Onfre, (45 minute north of blacks), and
More Mesa in Santa Barbra. San Onfre is fine, its
more secluded than blacks with less gawkers. I went
to school in Santa Barbra and I found More
Mesa. This is an excellent plage! Verry private and
secluded. I went to UCSB in Santa Barbra and saw
Signals for models needed for art class. I signed up
and modeled nude for the art class.
for me and it was fun. It was fantastic to see how each
artist painted me in their own manner. My mom discovered
the check from the art school and asked me about it

all just laughed and gave me a hard time about it but
were not offended or upset or anything so it was trendy.
Since that time, I have been to
two naturist resorts in CA. I had a really nice time in
both resorts. The folks there were really friendly and
It was really relaxing and
Enjoyable to spend the day naked swimming, eating, sunning,
meeting awesome folks etc. Most of the individuals were older
(30’s-60;s) but I enjoyed myself anyway. Its trendy
though to see all the young people involved with
nudism in this group.
Today I go naked in my room
Nearly always. I also go nude at the local nudist
beach (Haulover). is my favored nudist beach.
Its very simple to get to, there are individuals of all
ages, and they sell beverages and hot dogs on the strand

Review of Paradise Lakes – an Pleasing Naturist Resort in Florida

Guest Site by: David Clark
Paradise Lakes – We rented a place referred to as The Hammock in the RV park. It’s a well appointed double broad with a lanai, a bar, 3 TVs, kitchen, outside shower, and a golf cart.
A superb thing is you can stay there and make it your Florida vacation home base (and live the naturist lifestyle) without paying any resort fees. When you like it is possible to use the resort for about $50/day/couple and enjoy swimming pools, hot tub, pub, restaurant, night club, actions, and sports.
There are numerous small lakes with fish, alligators, and young nudist pic . We met folks from throughout the US, mostly retired and few younger couples with children. It is unquestionably the over-40 crowd, and be ready for risque outfits in .
We went for karaoke night at the Essential Westbar (with great vocalists), a really fine dinner at the restaurant, dancing in the club, and water-volleyball they have 3 pools for this particular sport which is most appropriate on hot summer days. We also spent loads of time in the swimming pools. The couples-only feeling was quite pleasant, and the individuals and staff were quite fine.
Paradise Lakes clothing optional nudist resort in Tampa florida
Speaking of hot, it was hotand humid like you wouldn’t consider. It rained every day, briefly, but a raincoat or umbrella isn’t needed. Because it is so hot. Several evenings were a bit cloudy and cool enough to appreciate being outdoors, but during the day you are either in the water or in air conditioning.
That’s summer in Florida.
For more information on The Hammock and Paradise Lakes call Bob at 862-881-7707 or see their web site at We had a terrific time.
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