Review of the awesome Bare Reality Show – VH1’s “Dating Naked”: Episode 1

Guest website by: Greg Evans
Bare Reality Show –
Until now I haven’t put much thought into this fresh series other than Yay! I used ton’t have any great expectations for the amusement value. Like most nudists, I was stressed that Dating Naked would be using nudity only to attract more audience. Would the show be using naked bodies with the notion that sex sells?
Reviewing VH1’s Dating Naked without that experience would be like a sports post written by a columnist who hadn’t ever played or viewed a sport in their life. Nevertheless, with the increasing popularity of naked themed shows, I believe it is time for us nudists and naturists to shine some light onto this fresh kind of nude reality.
For those that may not have viewed Dating Naked, it is actually not set up like its forerunners – the bachelor/ette show but of course, the premise is the same – a single man searching for love.
It’s important to mention that the final choice was made at the ending of the episode. To me that makes this series a lot more watchable. You really do not have to see every episode in a row to follow the narrative. This allows for some wiggle room if the singles turn out to be uninteresting or a turnoff to view. The viewer doesn’t need to write off the show because there will be a fresh set of folks in the next episode!
Along with a better setup, I was happily surprised by the dFKKmic that the nudity creates. Among the first words of the host (Amy Paffrath) were, will allow you to date in the most reliable manner feasible before you can bare your spirits, you’ll need to bare everything else first. Except for of guidelines to put by, choreographed performing was, for the most part, nowhere to be located. The cast is made up by regular people who are truly experiencing social nudity for the very first time.
I couldn’t help but wonder, would Dating Naked actually help viewers see a better means to date???
In episode one, the spotlight was placed on 24-year-old Joe from Long Island, NY and 36-year old Wee Wee from Nashville, TN.
Joe had a broken heart in his past and came expecting to discover a fresh means to trust. Wee Wee came fatigued by her long search for Mr.
Wee Wee and Joe after only assembly on the strand. Picture: VH1 Naked Reality Show
Right off the bat, Joe talks about a very common concern among men considering giving nudism a try: getting an erection. Such a non issue, surprisingly, scares some guys from ever trying nudism. Instantaneously Joe found there was nothing to worry about. The anxiety about getting aroused was an unfounded fear that never happened. The truth is, who cares if it does occur? In the nudist world, normally speaking, we understand we are human and arousal is a component that makes us human. In the feeling of social nudism, the consensus is that “if it happens it happens but DON’T be that man who makes it happen on purpose and DON’T parade it around with the aim to draw attention to it! In any case the truth is that it is actually not that common and rarely happens anyhow. But I digress and you can read more in this post about nudism and erections.
I think the biggest takeaway from this review should be that a great truth about social nudism stays hidden in this chain.
For us nudists, we observe it and reap the advantage of assembly without prejudice. Your social class does not matter when you’re nude it’s, in a sense, a great equalizer. You can be a attorney, trash collector, physician, soldier, construction worker or nurse. It simply will not matter and as a consequence, getting to know people for who they’re becomes much easier!
This fact was shown in the show by how quick the participants cut to the chase. Both Joe and Wee Wee started talking about their past and how it made them who they’re. When you’re naked, it becomes a lot simpler to wear your heart on your arm (since you do not have sleeves!) and putting yourself out there.
Another intriguing aspect is the comfort level folks have being naked. Every day the contestants meet a brand new person and must get nude before assembly. Every time they undress the shed a bit more of the shame that grew up with and feel only in their own skin. This is really as accurate to real life as you can get. Becoming nude for the very first time can be challenging but after that panic subsides, it becomes just as regular as anything else.
Based on the first episode I would rate the series as so far, so great. There’s a chance it could nurture a growing interest in nudism and help put tiny gusts of wind into the sails of our boat. I ‘d not yet say the series is for everyone. You’d not need individuals who don’t like reality shows seeing it just to see naked people (trust me you can see more in Sports Illustrated than on this show).
If the series flops, there could be a cross-organization with nudism including Naked Dating = bad and idiotic idea hence nudism must = poor/stupid notion. But time will tell and after seeing the first episode I’m a little less nervous and am really looking forward to the second.
My closing idea is WHO will care about nudism in this crazy fast-paced world after watching this show?
Well supposing it’s you: Hi, we are FKK, and we want to meet you!
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