Owners Joschi Schwarz and Monika Werner have had this Chelsea studio for eight years, and then two years ago they started offering naked yoga courses to men. Now there are co-ed classes in addition to male-only and female-only classes.

To sign up, you must fill out a first-time enrollment form indicating your level of fitness and experience with yoga. Then they’ll contact you to discuss classes. I was concerned in the beginning, read ing this form because it appeared to indicate that larger, non-healthy individuals aren’t welcome.
But I contacted Monika, who promised me that they’re just looking to comprehend the student’s fitness level and their reason for doing yoga in order to set them in the correct class. (They should probably still revise the form to more accurately depict themselves.)
Daring and Naked Yoga Courses – What to expect: The yoga is Vinyasa fashion. For beginners they offer a special series of courses to attend first before attempting the regular classes. I’ven’t attended a class myself, but here is a mp4 below to get an inside look at the studio. You can even take a look at this Daily Mail article and a first-hand account from an attendee on Bedford Bowery entitled, That Time I Tried Naked Yoga.
On the Bold & Naked web site, they talk about it creating more self-awareness, but they also accentuate how it can help with body image. From their FAQ’s:
Our society is driven by an unrealistic ideal of physical attractiveness, which can fuel various insecurity and self doubt. Most individuals do not have the body of a model and yet, we hold ourselves to those standards. One of many reasons Bold & Naked is offering naked yoga class would be to enable you to gain confidence by accepting and loving your body as it is. It can be an extremely therapeutic experience.
Bold & Naked is at 163 W. 23rd St
Cost: $25 per class (packages also available)
Notice which their classes are age 21
Check their site for the class program and to enroll for a class.
Naked York Yoga – Naked Yoga For Guys Only
This really is a men-only studio I just found out about from among our subscribers – Naked York Yoga. According to their web site they have existed since 2011. They’ve a weekly schedule of classes that focus on Asanas, partner yoga, Pranayama, meditation, and mantras. They plan to provide a judgment-free zone and welcome men of all fitness levels and experience. Along with classes, additionally they arrange weekend yoga retreats in upstate NY.
From their website: “Drawing on the Tantric and Iyengar yoga conventions, Unclothed York Yoga provides the space for you to grow your practice and begin to break through the deeply rooted patterns that hold you back from blossoming in all facets of your life.”
Bare York Yoga: 112 W. 27th St
For guys only
Cost: $20 per class, $5 for mat rental
See http://www.nudeyorkyoga.com for course schedule and more info
Naked Yoga in NYC by – Cindee Rifkin
**2015 Update**: Cindee has discontinued her weekly naked yoga class in NYC in 2015, but she still occasionally coordinates other events and gatherings.
Cindee Rifkinoffers a weekly co-ed naked yoga course in midtown on Wednesday nights. Her course is quite popular, so you should contact her to allow a place ahead of time. In general with yoga courses, you never know who’s going to be in class, but Cindee also offers a devoted following of regular pupils. Sadly, we just got notice that Cindee will shortly be taking a hiatus from her naked yoga courses! She’ll be transitioning to doing monthly workshops instead, concerning “food, truth-speak, concentrated pinnacle asana, pranayama” and more. But read on for more about her style of yoga and info on remaining courses.
Naked Yoga With Cindee Rifkin – What to expect:I ‘ve attended among her classes in the town, when it was in a smaller studio, with about 8-10 people. It was even mix of http://troyxxx.com and an incredibly cozy environment. Cindee starts off by asking each individual what their goal is for the course or what they might like to work with. Everyone gets undressed at exactly the same time. The style of yoga is most like Vinyasa, and Cindee directs the class through different poses. There is no set routine, and it’s different every time. She’s talkative and chatters throughout the course, giving loads of guidance, focusing your attention and offering techniques for calming your own brain chatter. Her class is designed to be for pupils of grades, so do not be bashful if you’ve never done yoga before!
Cindee’s yoga philosophy is about top students inward to find calmness and well-being inside, as opposed to seeking it from the external world. You can learn more about her views on naked yoga and how she started teaching it in her interview on the Naturist Living Show podcast, Bare Yoga (Cindee’s interview begins around minute 12) :
Cindee’s class takes place at 135 W. 29th Street, between 6th and 7th ave.
When: 7:45 9:15 pm, Wednesdays. Last two classes will be April 9th and 16th, 2014.
Price: Opening class is $25 and $30 per course afterwards, or 5 classes for $135.


I mean, let’s be blunt. How is that teenaged son or daughter supposed to realize that mom and dad who have never done anything crazy before, and may even go to church every Sunday, are now jumping in a hot tub with a bunch of nude people and it’s not supposed to be an orgy? Without any supporting context or common experience, the child’s hormones and sense of propriety inherited from his pre-naturist parents, merely protest the notion. We think we have been explaining things one way in our head, like the macho soldier. But the language simply isn’t there, especially when it’s a history of very different significance.

To a non-naturist buddy or relative, naked = sex. Period. The naturism-textile cross-cultural communication difference is a vast void, composed of a lack of common expertise and language to connect two worlds as foreign as the Ithaca area, upstate Ny culture I left, and the Hessisch and PfAlzer German culture I was suddenly immersed into.
The nudie has little or no precise language to communicate her new experience, and the non-nudie has no expertise base from which to interpret the obscure language. Metaphorically speaking we may think we’re saying schwIl but we’re really saying schwul when we insist to the cloth, that naturism is nonsexual nudity. Then we wonder why the non-nudist frowns, nuts, furrows his forehead, or bursts out in laughter. It is actually not even the right place to start the dialog.
OK fellow nudies, can not we just declare it? We have a cross-cultural communication dilemma of major proportions. If we continue to insist to the textile world that naturism is only non sexual, particularly in an increasingly hypersexual world, we’re going to need to find better language to take action. Our language, when it comes to sexology, is quite inadequate.
Consider the Eskimos. They have 13 words for snow in a highly developed tradition of snow. They share http://mon-blog-gay.net/index.php/2016/04/07/i-was-18-and-playing-pool-or-billiards-naked-with-a-naked-20-year-old-girl/ and common snow encounter. Sex is a little more complex than snow, so we can do better than to insist that being naked is somehow totally void of sexuality. In the end, in naturism, our genitalia, our sex if you will, is in plain sight.
If you take offense at someone seeing your penis or vulva, then needless to say you would not be a naturist. On the other hand, most fabrics would consider exposure of the nude body to anyone besides their spouse, either underhanded seduction, or some form of sexual abuse. So, is not it kind of strange that we insist so strongly that our social nudity is non-sexual? All things considered, it’s not the neutral parts of our bodies, like our elbows, fingers, or toes that arouse such powerful emotions. NO! It truly is expressly our open sexuality that brings out such reactions.
I think if we expect to win the conflicts of today to grow naturism it is important to be honest with ourselves, and to comprehend where many of the textiles we are trying to reach may be coming from. And it won’t do to insist that schwul isn’t schwIl non-nudists don’t get the difference!
In view of the preceding, sex-positive is a great start at developing a whole new, fuller, richer terminology encompassing naturism and sexuality. Let us stop faking naturism has nothing to do with sexuality in the non-naturist thoughts it does, and we need to start there. Additionally, for us naturists, sex-positive is a means to start being more confident about our own sexuality and hence more actual with the fabric world. Instead of being reactive and negative about sexuality, maybe we can take a lead role in teaching about really executing sexuality.
This in turn challenges us into a more profound comprehension of our naked experiences and our sexuality, and how we may associate them metaphorically to similar textile experiences in ways that makes the non-naturist need to consider naturism as a genuine alternative. Maybe we should consider this just because many fabrics are looking for a way to bring balance, significance, and fulfillment to their own sexuality.
And so we must take http://x-nudists.com/index.php/2016/04/18/for-a-long-time-i-was-very-interested-in-becoming-a-nudist/ and really ask, is our naturism as non sexual as we seem to say to the non-naturist? What are we are afraid of, that keeps us from confronting sexuality in naturism? Does the cloth world see something that we don’t want to see?
Every one of this is why we need at least some change in our understanding, our experience, and our development of new language as we face shifting sexuality within textile culture and naturism. Sex-favorable. It really is the initial step in dealing with these changes, and hopefully in reaching many new folks, so that they also may experience the freedom and happiness that we have experienced.
In this blog we’ve considered that a large issue in reaching the cloth world is that there’s a cross-cultural communication difference between our world and theirs. There’s a deficiency of common language and expertise to bridge this gap or deal with shifting sexuality.

Going Bare in Barcelona And How The Nudity Laws Are Altering

Will Being Publicly Unclothed in Barcelona Be Outlawed?
Nude in Barcelona – Public Nudity Laws are Changing in Barcelona, and it is not for the better. Were you imagining that your European nakation could be clothing-free with the more lenient laws on nudity over there? Well the rules are shifting in Catalonia’s capital. Up until now public nudity was permitted, and the Barcelona City Council even put out a pamphlet in 2004 called “Expressing Yourself in Nudity” which contained images of naked folks around town in parks, on the subway, etc.
It pointed out that the law “doesn’t contain any article for sanctions against public nudity.” This sounds quite radical, considering http://nudists-young.org/contri/pin-beautiful-naked-beach.php can’t do any of those things in the nude in NYC. (Let us design a pamphlet like that for NYC please 😉
But I Want To Be Naked In Barcelona !!!!
But it appears that folks must put their pants back on starting late April as they’re prohibiting public nudity. From the NY Times: “A committee of the city council approved a draft resolution empowering the police to stop people on the road who were naked or improperly dressed and to require them to cover themselves or face fines of up to $700.”
Seemingly this is an attempt to bring a better quality and amount of tourists, ie. not the ones who are visiting for mad parties with cheap booze and naked people obviously. Considering few individuals went freely unclothed in the first place, I don’t see how prohibiting it will help with mad tourism issues. Well let’s hope nothing changes on the naturist beaches! Read more in the NY Times.
*Update* Public nudity has been officially banned in Barcelona. Here’s an article about the top unclothed beaches in Barcelona, where fkk nudists remains permitted.
This post about being nude in Barcelona was released by – Young Naturists And Naturists America FKK
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