ee our culture symbolize nude men as frequently as we do nude women

as a way to remove the shock value of the nude man.

As everybody knows, nudity is awful. It is simple.
hat equals sex. Which
might have
is why my jaw dropped
Enjoyment . . .
when eight years ago, I
learned about a website
called LDS Skinny-Dipper
name was an oxymoron
on the level of “military intelligence.”
Based on the site, its constituency is “Faithful members
forever, naked and not ashamed,” it said. “Wholesome interest
in societal nudity under appropriate conditions,” it said.
I smirked. This was going to be amusing, reading the rationalizations of these people trying to justify this kind of
I read through the site. I read every word—and there
were a lot of words! They asserted that nonsexual societal nudity
is a positive, valuable thing. It’s educational because it lets
everyone to see what human bodies actually seem like—instead
than consuming the glorified, air-brushed images we see in the
media daily. It strips away the mystery of the person
body—particularly those components we keep concealed from each
other—and decreases lust because people become comfortable and knowledgeable with all the body parts. It combats body
It fosters openness and trust
because it lets you be completely who you are and still be
When I finished, to my shock and amazement, I exclaimed,
“They’re correct! There isn’t any doctrinal objection to wholesome,
nonsexual social nudity!”
Oh, there were all sorts of LDS ethnic objections, all sorts


D. MICHAEL MARTINDALE is the author of the critically acclaimed LDS novel Brother Brigham. He has
been a naturist activist for several years and is in the
Procedure of developing a website on family nudism at
FAMILYSKINNYDIPPERS.COM. Martindale lives in Salt
Lake City, Utah, and works as a Web developer.

of “folk doctrines” against it, lots of objections to sexualized nudity. But no bona-fide official doctrine against nonsexual nudity.
It is simply that most folks don’t understand there’s such a matter as
nonsexual nudity. Remember the equation, “nudity equals sex.”


HAT WAS ALL I needed: permission from individuals who
understood my LDS hang ups. I printed out the entire
LDS Skinny-Dipper Connection site and presented

what you think,” I said to her.
She didn’t read all of it (there were lots of words!), but she
read a sizeable portion of it, given the papers back to me and
said, “Well, I think it is rationalization, but if you desire to do it,
go ahead.”
I did. I became a full-fledged, practicing Mormon naturist.
From other naturist hikers, I learned the best way to hike naked safely. I
visited locations like Diamond Branch hot springs in Spanish
Fork Canyon where a tradition of nude soaking has existed for
decades, and eventually I seen a few naturist resorts and
nude beaches.
The very first time I attended the temple after I started practicing
naturism, I was apprehensive.
I used ton’t understand how I’d feel, understanding all the things I ‘d done
Nude. Because, actually, all I had was an “intellectual testimony”
of nudism Rationally, I was convinced.
raised in America and within the LDS Church, I had a lot of
Mental conditioning that was not so easily overcome. Would
Would an evil spirit follow me inside, alarming a
Would God
strike me down? These were the agitated ideas that
churned in my head as I entered.
But as I walked from the front desk where I showed my recommend to the changing room, a sense of calmness came over
me. It seemed to say, “Do Not worry about it. Everything is okay.”
For three years, that was the only religious indication I
had that my choice to adopt nudism was sufficient to
God. But from time to time, it’d strike me how out of step
my naturism was with traditional Mormonism, and uncertainties
would appear—am I actually deceived like most Mormons would
consider me? I remember one time in particular when my wife

dress code. She brought her swimsuit; I didn’t.
Before the party, we attended the wedding reception of a
We sat and ate mints and nuts and white
The whole time, I kept
what I’d be off doing right after the reception. After all, it was
not so long ago that I was laughing at the thought of .

WHILE MANAGING ORDINARY day-to-day living, I
Fought and studied and meditated and prayed
over the doubts engendered by both halves of my


meant they didn’t appear as important and were put on the back burner. I still

Loved it on the odd occasion
that I found myself on my own, and could relax to enjoy it, although I’d heard
of naturism/nudism
(i.e. fkk colonies) I did not follow it up, I no longer went out of my way to
Coping with
As with most things in South
Africa, the name is complicated; Ukhahlamba means barrier of spears in Zulu and
Skinny Dipping Club is Dutch for Dragon
Mountain. Some of the greatest hiking on earth are available in the rocky
high berg or along the pastoral small (lower) berg of this range. My first
Peek of the Topless Skinny Dipping Club, as we drive in on the N5 from
Johannesburg, is of sheer, steep walls of basalt, scraggy and chiseled by the
elements – with the lower foothills shockingly rich and green as if covered with
a excellent velvet cape. These gigantic mountains separate the country of Lesotho from
South Africa for a 250-mile expanse. Some of the peaks are totally level, others
Aggressively pointed, others slanted as if tipped sideways by some incredible
Power of nature.
I ‘ve come to the Topless
Skinny Dipping Club, after doing business in Johannesburg, to visit some South
African friends on vacation. while I check into the Champagne Sports Resort, named
after the nearby Champagne Castle mountain, the desk clerk remarks that it is
Uncommon to see an American here. “Americans generally go to Kruger Park and Cape
Town and quite rarely make it to the Topless Skinny Dipping Club,” she says,
rolling her eyes. “They don’t understand what they’re missing.”
It’s early March, nearly
autumn in the Southern Hemisphere, and the days are sultry and warm, reaching
into the high 80s with the nights cooler and regularly punctuated by evening showers
and dynamic lightning storms. In the winter these mountains are blanketed with
snow, and in the summer they’re a brilliant green and drenched with hot pink and
white Cosmos or flame-red Bottlebrush.
This not what I believed
the interior South Africa would appear like: rushing rivers, trickling creeks,
Diving waterfalls and shimmering lakes. Visitors to the region can enjoy some of
There is also hiking, stone
climbing, trekking, river rafting, canoeing, horseback riding, and a number of
camping choices, including cavern camping. I find myself in a modest resort area
helicopter tours, and excellent food appear to be the favored sports.
I ‘m still groggy with jet
My pals have hired a chopper
to get a bird’s-eye view of the area. Five of us pile into a white,
French-made chopper and slip on our headsets. Our pilot, a self-assured man
in his 40s, tells he us he also uses the helicopter to save climbers and hikers
who get stuck or lost in the mountains. Great to understand.
As the chopper thunders
Away, we sail low over a corn field, then outside around Wonder Valley, dotted with
grazing cows, and eventually toward the towering cliffs – and I see the sharp
ridges of a mountain that does look like a huge dragon’s back. We catch glimpses
of cascading waterfalls, hidden valleys, and unique rock formations like the
giant hole in one peak called the Eye of the Needle.
Monks Cowl, and the impressive flattopped Cathkin Peak. After we land on a
grassy small berg where the aviator serves us pink champagne and rusks (dry
biscuits) and we have an opportunity to walk around. We discover the trail’s head to
Blindman’s Corner – an unusual name for this part of the contour course, I believe,
looking down into a steep ravine. A hike along the contour path can take up to
four or five days to complete. As we observe, a fine white fog creeps in and
covers the valley beneath.
mist lifts. The pilot seems remarkably unconcerned with the time.
In the afternoon my
course is laid out along a winding river, the fairway a bright lime green
against the lavender mountains. I bypass the golf and prefer to relax by the pool to
work on my nonexistent tan and existing jet lag.
No one is in a hurry here
in Topless Skinny Dipping Club and thus it really is past noon the next day before we establish
off for our hike to the Blue Grotto. The trailhead starts at the nearby Topless
Skinny Dipping Club Sunlight hotel. Out past the swimming pool we spot several vervet
monkey’s pillaging for food in the hotel garbage cans. They bugger-away
winds through a forest of yellowwood, pine, , and wild pear, and is
Compact with high grass, twisted vines, and white orchids. It’s pleasantly noisy
insects, and birds twittering. We hike previous huge gnarled trees covered with
hanging moss. In is dark and cool.


Labiaplasty – In a recent discussion, someone raised an interesting point. Girls, for the most part, are more comfy removing their tops than they’re with removing their backsides. So naturally this got me thinking what is it about the vulva which makes it so challenging to expose? Why are women so self conscious about their vaginas? (Yes, I understand “vagina” is not the same as “vulva” in . Nevertheless many girls still use “vagina” to reference both their whole genitals and only their vaginal canal.)
Therefore I started speaking to friends and individuals in the sex positive community, with the hopes of understanding this problem better.
This line of questioning had quickly lead me to learn about an alarming and growing trend – Labiaplasty.
Labiaplasty Described:
Obviously, the demand for this fairly new process continues to be growing at a quick speed.
After researching online, I was horrified to read some of the many websites and posts that came up. More and more teenage girls are going under the knife and getting their labia changed. Since this process is not covered by most insurances, you will find girls out there who are performing a kind of female vaginal mutilation on themselves! Just the mere notion of a young girl feeling so sad with her body that she would be willing to get a knife to herself is something that I can not seem to let go of.
We’re always bombarded by images of what “the right body” is and the all famous or infamous “How To Look Good Naked” diets. Everywhere you look you see pictures with this new societal depiction of the perfect abs, breasts, buttocks, penises and vulvas. What happened to the beauty of diversity? We’re not all born with exactly the same bodies and appearance, and that is a good thing!
The Three Graces by Peter Paul Rubens
During the late 16th century and into the early 17th century people located large women to be the ideal. Among the greatest artists to depict the beauty of the female kind during that span is Peter Paul Rubens. Now the symbol of the best girl is Barbie. and she does not even have a vagina!!!
I’m not one to believe that there should be any standard for what’s considered amazing. The shift from big, female and voluptuous to childlike and malnourished is so striking. To the stage where natural beauty has become somewhat of an oxymoron. It appears like more and more women are beginning to believe that it costs a ton of money and countless hours in recovery rooms and fitness centers to look naturally beautiful.
This blog post will give you an overview of what the labiaplasty procedure entails, its complications and data. In the following post, I will look into why labiaplasty has abruptly become a fashionable aesthetic surgical procedure for women.
Labiaplasty Procedural Summary
Anatomical Drawing of the Vulva
Labiaplasty, sometimes known as vaginal rejuvenation, is a just aesthetic process that involves trimming outer skin that surrounds the vagina, generally known as the labia minora. The first printed operation happened in 1983, with documented procedural updates in 1998 and 2005. Initially, doctors performed the process to create uniformity in instances of congenital disfigurement so that as a portion of sexual reassignment surgery.
It wasn’t long before women found labiaplasty as a method of reconstructing their pre-infant look. Some patients combine the procedure with other vaginal surgeries like internal tightening. According to The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), patients pay a mean of $2,342 United States dollars (USD) for a procedure scarcely covered by insurance.
While some girls pursue the operation for medical reasons, including frequent pain and distress from bigger labia, it seems that most girls do it for decorative reasons. They’ve been just unhappy with the way their labia seems, ie their span, protrusion, shade, asymmetry etc. The labia minora actually change greatly in appearance. Though may seem like extra skin one can do without, they actually serve many different purposes, including increased sexual sensation. They puff up when a girl is aroused and are really said to facilitate penetration. If there’s an issue with labia “getting in the way” during sex, as some women claim, it may mean that she isn’t aroused enough yet for penetration.
Potential Complications After A Labiaplasty Procedure:
Potential complications and aftereffects include desensitizing of the clitoris and / or vagina, infection, bleeding, pain, hematoma, sexual dysfunction, changes in pigmentation, surplus scar tissue buildup and permanent scarring. Asymmetrical labia can happen when an inexperienced physician performs the operation. In infrequent cases, the vagina tightens up and causes difficulties with sexual intercourse or childbirth. What are the long-term effects? Doctors do not know yet! There have been no significant findings or research to discover its long-term effects. In 2007, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists cautioned against labiaplasty and other vaginal cosmetic surgeries because of their dangerous risks and dearth of official processes. ACOG also said that they don’t consider labiaplasty a routine, approved process and expressed worry over surgeons advertising it as such. Predicated on the information supplied at the 2013 ASAPS assembly in New York, larger amounts of women and young girls are willing to endure the dangers for a more “attractive” vagina.
Labiaplasty Patient Data
It has apparently become the most common female genital cosmetic procedure. According to business data, about 3,500 procedures happened in 2012. This marked a 64 percent increase over operations performed in 2011. The fact that more women in their 20s and teen girls are requesting labiaplasty processes continues to baffle psychologists. Preliminary data shows multiple factors currently affecting younger generations.
Botched Labiaplasty Processes:
Only that subtitle sounds frightening, does not it? You can find two other significant things to note about labiaplasty. One, it is successful. And two, it is mostly unregulated. There isn’t any unique certification, no educational courses or licenses needed to perform labiaplasty. So there are inexperienced surgeons and even gynecologists attempting what looks like a straightforward process. As a result a number of surgeries are actually done for the purpose of fixing botched efforts at labiaplasty.
Go here for Labiaplasty Part 2: What’s Fueling the Labiaplasty Craze?
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Labiaplasty Resources:
ASAPS Surgeon Fees Per Procedure
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is often inconsistent and a lot depends on the mixture of guests at a special

resort at any specified time.
The bottom line is that some resorts are fairly laid back and sedate most of the
time, but others can have a fairly highly sexually charged feeling most of
the time. Again we can not stress enough how significant it is, particularly for first
timers, to discuss with url what you desire from your holiday. We desire to help
you make the correct selection for you, but we can do that only if we understand what you
are looking for.
Swimming Nude is Better!
You do not have to fight the waves to keep your swimming suit on. The water feels

water, a swimming suit stays wet and feels bad. When swimming nude, you won’t
get sand in your suit.
Fewer Clothing and Laundry Hassles. Nudity reduces laundry costs. Fewer washings
reduce wear and fading, which then reduce how often you should buy awesome
and ruining your garments. Deciding what to wear becomes a trivial decision
instead of an often stressful decision. Travelling for nude recreation cuts
down on the amount of baggage that you just need to take. Nude backpacking reduces
the amount of equipment you have to carry in your back.
body of water intended for recreational or competitive swimming, diving, or for
other bathing activities that don’t involve swimming, e. play, wading, water
exercise, floating around on inner tubes, or merely cooling off on hot days. In
some parts of the world, a swimming pool for private use is considered a status
symbol (an indoor private pool even more so). Swimming pools can be built
Earth (generally formed either out of reinforced concrete and lined with specific
plaster, or prefabricated sectional walls and a vinyl liner).
swimming pools are known to have been constructed by
palestras as well as for nautical games and military exercises. Roman emperors
for pool, ‘piscina.’
Public pools are often
Seen as part of a larger leisure centre or recreational complex. These centres
Frequently have greater than , e. an indoor heated pool, an outdoor saltwater or
for toddlers and infants. There may also be a sauna area. In the swimming pool
area and/or in the sauna area there may be one or more jacuzzis.
If a swimming pool
(sometimes combined with facilities for allied sports and activities, for example a
diving tank) is located in a separate building, the building is called a
Fkk Picture Group
Nudist Photo Collection
In each case the naked
areas tend to be isolated from the non-nude areas so encounters with clothed
people are less likely to occur.

The best way to Practice Nudity in Your Family

Questions and Answers
Nudity and sex are not the same thing as many people come to find. Many families are foregoing practice nudity that is healthy and comfortable, and social taboos in the solitude of their houses–feeling it encourages a wholesome grasp of the human body as it is, not as it’s sexualized in the media.
Picture named Practice Nudity in Your Family Measure 11
Research family nudity without feeling it is not normal. Young kids actually don’t care who sees them nude, and haven’t yet developed a refined understanding of modesty.
This really is the time when the parent can instruct children not to be self-conscious of their nakedness or of their bodies. This, consequently, will help kids associate nakedness to routine action instead of just sexual activity. Consequently, the more prurient kinds of nakedness lose their “forbidden fruit” appeal.
Image titled Practice Nudity in Your Family Step 22
Keep nudity natural. Let your children–from birth–to see you in nude situations that are common, as you feel comfortable. Dressing and bathing are everyday tasks where nudity is either portion of the procedure (dressing) or needed (bathing).
Toilet actions, while natural, aren’t something everybody is comfortable with sharing. Be true to your own private limitations–do not ever feel like you’ve to do something you are uncomfortable doing.
On the flip side, bare cooking is not recommended for anybody, no matter comfort level! There are places where hot oil just does not belong.
By being comfortable with your own body you may naturally share your children the message that nudity really is okay and not something to fear or be grossed out about. There are naturally times in life when clothes have to be worn for relaxation, for protection, and to adhere to societal standards. But, by speaking with your children about being comfortable with nudity at home, your children will grow up understanding that being naked and being seen naked at home isn’t something “uncool, horrid, and completely awkward.”
Image named Practice Nudity in Your Family Step 33
Start early. Support family nudity right from birth. You’d be surprised how fast potty training takes root when your toddler is allowed to go naked at home.
Be prepared for occasional “accidents,” and handle these scenarios smoothly without rage.
Image titled Practice Nudity in Your Family Measure 44
Celebrate the differences. Your partner, as well as you, explain to them the reason for all these differences, as children start to understand differences between themselves.
Suggested explanations are: “Mama’s breasts are for giving milk to infants like when you were little.”
Another issue that could crop up is pubic hair:
If the subject of sexual organs comes up (and it will), simply be honest and aboveboard. “Mom has , and dad has a dick.” Avoid using terms that are either vulgar or silly –they will be the words when the issue comes up at school your children use. And it’s going to come up.
Image titled Practice Nudity in Your Family Step 5

Avert sexual expressiveness. Like bathroom time, sexuality is normal and totally natural. Yet, sexual displays are not for children of any age. It traumatize them, and will likely mistake them at best.
What do you really need to know?
Give us 3 minutes of knowledge!
Can you tell us about
Making key chains?
Yes No
Can you tell us about
Playing the cup game?
Yes No
Yes No
Can you tell us about
Scoring a ham?
Yes No
Young teens naturally develop increased modesty round the time of puberty. Don’t induce someone to be nude. The transition may be helped by wearing pants for a while. Being around other teenagers who role model comfort with their bodies will soon not be worry.
There are lots of excellent books on adolescence and pregnancy that separate the physiological changes of puberty and the sexual facet. These publications provide a quite neutral clinical look at breast and pubic hair growth during the teen years, and comprise very candid pictures of genuine births. Influences like these help separate nudity from sex in the child’s head, and offer a framework where family nudity can prosper to the benefit of all.
Honor others’ standards. It’s great to point out that other folks aren’t accustomed to nudity, plus it’s kind to respect their wishes. This may mean keeping the curtains drawn, or willingly closing the toilet door when guests are present, for example–a practice that encourages courtesy, but not shame.
A focus for nudity that enables the whole family to participate jointly without artifice is very helpful. An indoor swimming pool or outdoor pool with a privacy fence is great, if not practical for most families. A practical choice that works is a hot tub. Kids see this as a kiddie swimming pool that is heated, and they can play with water playthings, too.
A great side benefit to wholesome comprehensions of the naked body in the house is the fact that when the time comes to explain human reproduction, there will be less pressure from the kids–and less to not be comfortable about for you. Kids WOn’t have the distraction of humiliation when discussing (what for others can be) “black” body parts.
Understand that not all shame is awful shame. Shame that is good is ingrained to help us avoid compromising situations. But other shame is caused by social conditioning during childhood, and predisposes us to clothing compulsiveness.
The aim is to supply kids the chance to see in ways that’s practically nonexistent in our society: to make it a neutral, non-sensuous element of everyday life in its appropriate context. This goes a ways toward inoculating them from the enticements so easily discovered outside the walls of your house and in the marketplace.
Do encourage family associates to value nudity in art that is fine –particularly considering that ancient art is not bound by the hyper-sexualized and improbably body images so common in the current ad-soaked culture.
For families where the children are old it could be unwise or difficult to attempt to change attitudes. In some cases significant choices might have to be made in order to break free from habits.
Not all folks will readily come to the conclusions you intended. Sex and nudity are still closely linked in our society.
Exercise proper hygiene. When exercising family nudity, constantly support or require the utilization of a towel for sitting. Young kids don’t always exercise the very best cleaning methods after using the potty, as any parent can tell you. Do not be embarrassed about teaching great, wholesome personal toileting hygiene to your kids. They appear to you to teach them properly and correctly.
Avoid exposing kids to pornography.
Although this ought to be noticeable to any well meaning parent, attention is recommended during moments of intimacy and marital connections. Anything beyond that will overpower their emotional phase of work and development against the wholesome surroundings you are attempting to keep.

Reveal About Breasts – Busting Out – Thanks for the Mammaries Ladies!

By: Rolf Holbach
Southern California Naturist Association
Busting Out – A Show About Breasts
Show About Breasts – Breasts, Boobs, Bosoms, Jugs, Melons, Breasts, Bust, Jumper Pups, whatever you need to call themhalf the world has them, and the other half needs to look at them.
What started in 2006 as a one-woman show has evolved to the current two-girl show, with many different productions and duos playing across Australia, New Zealand, and England. During its 5-year run it’s been seen by over 250,000 individuals. Most of the audiences have been women, which may say something about the anatomical stress of men.
Busting Out! Show About Breasts
This Los Angeles production stars Emma, and another very talented musical comedienne, Mandi Lodge. The 2-hour show was hilarious, good natured, and ribald. Through song, sketches, word play, and tacky jokes, it unabashedly famous women’s bodies, specifically more , in all their glory.
Reveal About Breasts – Busting Out!
For most of the audience, after the first jolt of seeing two middle aged, plus-sized women expose their D plus cups, they soon start to realize that with their charm, comedic timing, vocal and physical talents, Emma and Mandi successfully satirize the female form without sexualizing it. As Emma said within an interview, “Our show demystifies and celebrates what women actually really look like under young nudist pictures , and enables us all to share a great laugh at ourselves in the procedure.”
Of course it helps when the girls revealed they had affectionately named their breasts Hillary & Condoleezza, and Starsky & Hutch.
The two women also like to involve the crowd. Since Cynthia and I were in the second row, I was picked out by Mandi early as her comedic foil through the show.
Later, they came down and picked Brian out of the audience, and brought him onstage to get fitted in their own Russian bra fitter sketch. Three female crowd members were afterwards brought up to compete, and see who could remove her bra the fastest, without taking her top off.
Mandi Lodge and Emma Powell in a scene from Busting Out (Credit: Ed Krieger)
Through the show they playfully transformed their boobs into doughnuts, crying infants, sniffer dogs, hamburgers, and ABBA performing “Mamma Mia”. At one point they brought out a display and participated in shadow play to mimic the Taj Mahal, Batman’s Bat symbol, and to parody what happens when Dean Martin sings “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” among other equally comical images.
At one point, two “mature mums” have the nerve to reveal their less than perfect and perky busts to challenge and satirize cloth society’s image fixation. Or as Mandi added, “Two middle-aged girls on stage getting their dangly bits outwhat could be better?”
Overall, we appreciated this empowering and supporting celebration of the female body, validated by the overwhelmingly female audience ( of the 150 individuals in the 200-seat theater, I estimate about 80% of them were women).
The show next travels to New York in December 2011. Tickets begin at $45 each but it is possible to get them half price (or even lower) online at
This post initially appeared in the Southern California Naturist Association Newsletter, October 2011.
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I’ve had countless emails from young women who told me they burst into tears when they began reading my blog because they felt like they finally found someone who understood their pain or what they were going through.

That is amazing, particularly, when you consider why you started the blog! And I suppose it exemplifies the need out there for honest dialog about family nudism naturism photo and even sexuality to a certain level. As I mentioned before, your posts are very devoid of artifice, quite reliable, in the sense that you just show and tell it like it is including photos of hairs on your own nipples, discussions about anuses, graphics of menstruation. These are such common occasions, and nevertheless still taboo to discuss, let alone display. Is it easier to be honest about these unique problems when unattributable?
BtoB: I think I’m quite honest about this stuff even when I am . I ‘ll have a discussion with my friends about our bodies, or their “unusual” sexual dreams, or reveal them my ingrown hairs. Clearly I don’t merely go around blurting this things out to strangers, but if someone came up to me at a grocery store and said, “Are you on your period? I ‘d just think about it for a second and find out how I felt, then let them know.
There are some parts of my body that I’m still a bit squeamish about or feel strange about, but I’ve understood that talking about it is the easiest way to get over it. It is amusing, because a lot of times I don’t understand what I am going to say about a graphic at all.
I simply take a picture of something, my interval, for instance, and then I place it on my computer and stare at it for a bit and then just begin writing. Sometimes I know what I want to say, but more often than not it just starts pouring out of me and I realize how I feel as I am writing it.
Intriguing, so in a way, it’s a learning process for you as well. As I was reading through your blog, I noticed that one of the themes that appeared to create the most “buzz” out there was related to women’s armpit hair, particularly when Nerve composed an article about you. Why do you believe that caused such a stir? And why particularly with girls, as you point out?
BtoB: That was an intriguing discovery. I ‘ve definitely received more odd looks from girls in daily life in reference to my armpit hair than from guys, which is what I talked about further back on my site. But the Nerve and Reddit remarks came from a lot of men also, I presume.
It is like people have this outrageous misconception that women either are not assumed to grow armpit hair, that it’s “unnatural” (which is crazy because it’s absolutely natural!) or that it makes a woman gross and “unhygienic.”
It was truly truly eye-opening for me to see that much loathe created about that issue since I exist in a somewhat secure bubble when you think about it. The individuals who follow my Tumblr follow it because they like me and what I am doing.
They share it with their buddies who also enjoy the same things, and so forth. But when my pictures (not even ones targeted at my armpits, just ones that revealed it as part of another issue) found their way to “the web at large,” it was a sudden upsurge of negativity and hate about my hair. It was kind of a wake up call this small world I am in where everybody is pretty encouraging and joyful and positive is certainly not a representation of how everybody actually feels about these things.
Which is really the primary issue of your blog, body hair! As a naturist, it is been interesting to find the evolution of body hair, particularly pubic hair. It’s quite standard to see men and women of all ages, without pubic hair now. Why do you believe society has such an aversion to hair there?
BtoB: I actually can not figure that out. I mean, sure I could say it is all the media or the want to appear youthful or a big scam by razor businesses and it is all marketing, but I don’t know if I consider those matters. Or maybe it is a combination of all of those things.